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  • Jamshid Shirani

Love Grows Wings

Jamshid Shirani

To: Sunny


I’ve watched love,

Gasp for breath,

In, out,

Dark, bright:

Sunshine and


I’ve heard love cry

Tears of joy,

Tears of sadness

Pearls of delight

I’ve seen love take steps

Up, down, left, right

Down in the abyss

Up in the daylight

I’ve stared at love

As it grew tall

Unbearable height

Insufferable depth

Incredible sight

I’ve heard love speak

Into my ear right

Soft, solemn, sonorous:

Birds of sorrow, feathers of sunlight.

I’ve looooooooooong … gazed at love -

In the dark of night –

Taking lessons

For the last flight…


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